Behind Gripnix


The Gripnix journey

The GRIPNIX® offers such a solution, and you can open the door with the lower arm, and/or back of the wrist, avoiding to use the fingers and the hand palm.


Our first handsfree door handle was developed 8 years ago, to be applied by the lower arm, close to the elbow. Due to the position at the lower arm the leverage to unlock the door and to open, was low and uncomfortable, such that we enlarged the stainless steel handle. The longer arm became heavier and resulted in a addition bearing and bearing housing on both sides of the door, including addition return springs, to return the handle in genuine position after releasing.

Also it was uncomfortable to pull the door towards the operator, as the operator needs to step back and further back, due to the wider opening of the door. In case a door closer is present, the operator needs to hurry, rounding the door and passing the opening, after releasing the door handle. In practise this was most uncomfortable. Currently a few products are offered with the same issues.

Anyway, we didn’t took this product in series production, as these issues were hold points for us.


The current product ticks all the boxes. It is strong, light and easy to fit. Universal to fit all standard door handles. No need to support the existing return spring of the door lock and no additional bearing. Also the material has an in-build anti-bacterial protection. Most of all, the design is improved such that the pulling action of the door is changed. No need to enlarge the handle, as the lever of the complete arm can be used. The handle introduces, that the operator apply the handle with either the lower end of the lower arm, or the back of the wrist. During the pulling the door opens in front of the operator, equally as if you would use the standard grabbing of the door handle by the hand palm and fingers.

We managed to patented the design and also have patent pending on the idea and functionality. In addition we are proud that our design is nominated for the DesignEuropa 2020, which is an award for excellence in design and design management.

But most of all we are proud to deliver a good functioning handsfree door handle solution, that has added value keeping save.

Universal fitment

The GRIPNIX® contains 2 handles, to be fitted one on each side of the door, as these two are mirrored. As the Gripnix is fitted on top of the existing door handle, the play of the existing door handle will not fade away or improve due to the presence of the Gripnix, so please check and if needed maintain the fitting of the door handle and doorplates.

The Gripnix is designed such that it will be clamped to the door handle with binders at three points. Two positions clamp the bar and one the door handle close to the face of the door.

Please check the fitment without the binders, and specific the fact that the door handle bar is matting the two outer sides of the bracket (lower plate with the two holes). In a few odd situations the horizontal bar has a rounding with an extreme small radius smaller as 50 mm. It is possible that the bar is touched by the centre of the bracket firstly. If that is the case the fitting of the Gripnix needs support, so please contact our service and support for advise (preferable by mail).

In all other situations the fitting is not a problem. So please stick the binders through the 3 holes, position the handle on bar and pull the binders (ty-raps) such that the Gripnix is fitted. Cut the non-active binding part of the binder, for example with a pair of scissors.

Fitment video

Anti virus door handle Gripnix®

We are all aware about the risk of bacteria’s and viruses spread between door users, using the same grip. Antibacterial materials are known either as a product on the surface with a time limited treatment, and as an integrated element of a polymer. These products do reduce the adhesion and proliferation of bacteria’s. The performance can be proved according ISO 22196.

The technology (patented) we use, is making use of a bodies own trace element to make plastics resistant to biofilm adhesion and bacteria proliferation. No biocides, no silver, no nano-materials, no harmful or toxic substances and no migration. The innovative technology is not using biocides.

The technology we use is derived from biomimicry. And with the lessons learned from nature a technology is developed, that has an action against bacteria that is part of our body’s and our environments ‘eco-system’. The technology is free from harmful substances and is by components composition compliant with FDA, ISO9000 and ISO22000. These characteristics prove numerous advantages over other harmful technologies that can be underlined

The in-build anti-bacterial material becomes and intrinsic part of the material. The materials mechanical/physical properties have been improved to make the surface more resistant to adhesion and bacteria proliferation. ISO22196 tests prove an antibacterial performance of 99,9% or higher.

Currently we are testing the material against “Human Coronaviruses 229E” based on the ISO 21702. As the standard indicates: due to the individual sensitivities, the results of one test virus might not be applicable for other viruses. So likely after finished the day, the next morning the majority of bacteria’s are eliminated.

As the standard indicates: due to the individual sensitivities, the results of one test virus might not be applicable for other viruses.

A more saver additional prevention, is to avoid to use the door handle by fingers and hand palm under all circumstances, so a 100% protection instantly. The GRIPNIX® offers such a solution, and you can open the door with the lower arm, and/or back of the wrist. Our first initial about 8 years ago, has led to a door handle that was replacing the door handle, and added an bearing housing and spring, to overcome the addition weight of the bracket. Also how to operate a door that needs to open towards the user, was a functional problem. We learned our lessons from the past and this spring we invented a much lighter, less complicated, and much friendlier product in use, ticking all the required boxes. The current product can be fitted as an universal solution to all standard door handles. We call it the GRIPNIX® , and protected the industrial design and applied for a patent. We are even nominated for the best European design.


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