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Due to the nature of the product, the interest to purchase the product will be likely businesses.

In general the website offers the possibility to purchase a dedicated amount and products, included payment and invoicing.

For larger or continues projects we advise to contact by email, such that we can discuss the wishes regarding for example the colour, or the type of binders, special conditions based on volume or the invoice in advance of the delivery.

Please send an email including your company details and your wishes, and we’ll reply in general within 24 hours..

Our door is always open
for a new partnership

If you are interested to represent the Gripnix products in your (niche) market, please send us an email and the market you expect to represent Gripnix. Please indicate your roll and sales expectation.

Important to us is that we are always aiming for a close relationship based on trust, in which our interest is important as well as the interest of our partners..


Patented by Gripnix
The handsfree door opener

Please see below repeatable short video. It demonstrates the way to apply the Gripnix and the easy and characteristic – some say superior - use of opening the door towards the operator.


Heatfan B.V.

The team behind Gripnix, is a mixture of young and older technical and commercial skills, with a flicker of entrepreneurship. We’ve had some successful developments, but also some without any benefit, except the experience. We are dedicated to solutions specific regarding alternative energy and safety (including hygiene), as two major fields of attention. Our believe is that nothing is impossible, and we enjoy to dream on further.

The Gripnix creates a hygiene door opening, with a wink to the future, hoping a lot of us to stay safe. The Gripnix ticks all the boxes, from functionality, safety, easy to install and to clean, anti-bacterial and affordable..

The nomination of the Gripnix for the DesignEuropa Award 2020, is the icing on the cake.

of becoming a distributor.

  • You are a specialist as facility management organisation, or facility managers are your customer base
  • We offer a partnership based on transparency and loyalty
  • We offer support and knowledge
  • We are the developer and producer, so flexibility guaranteed